Vocab Handout

Development Tracking Tool- Web-based Proposal Tracking Module Vocabulary

In which stage of solicitation is this prospect?

Hold: (Assigned by PEG, but no contact.) This category includes prospects with whom your contact has been the minimum required to maintain a PEG assignment.  These prospects might be on your mailing lists, receiving your newsletters etc., but there has been no substantial two-way contact.  You may have called the prospect, but you have not yet connected with him or her.

Identified: (Initial contact, but inconclusive.) This category includes prospects with whom you have made introductory, personal, two-way contact.  They have attended an event, spoken to you on the phone, or exchanged email with you, for example.

Cultivation: (You are building a relationship with prospect.) This category includes prospects you are working to get to know and are “moving” toward a position of solicitation readiness.

Solicitation: (You have pre-asked or will soon ask for a gift.)  This category includes prospects with whom you are having a “gift conversation.”  You are discussing opportunities for supporting the University of Maryland.

Stewardship: (Ongoing contact with donors.)  After a prospect becomes a donor, this category reflects the work you do to keep them involved. 

*Of course, stewardship can be used as means for “cultivating” a prospect for their next gift.  However, only those with whom you are having a “gift conversation” should be labeled in the solicitation category.

What is the stage of this proposal?

Proposal in Draft: (You have determined that you will solicit, but have not done so yet.) Please select this option for prospects that you will ask— verbally or in writing—for a gift to support the University of Maryland.

Proposal Submitted: (Prospect has received written communication [MOU, email, letter, other] for consideration.) Please select this option for those prospects you have solicited formally.

Proposal Declined: (Prospect rejected your proposal.) Please select this option for those prospects who have given you a “firm NO” or rejection.  There is no possibility that this proposal will be funded in the future.

Proposal Hold: Please select this category for prospects who have indicated that they cannot fund the proposal you submitted in its current form at this current time.  There is some impediment (life issues like divorce or sale of a home or business or problems with the proposal including its amount or designation) that prevents funding.

Proposal Accepted: Please select this option if you’ve received an affirmative response from the prospect (via a letter, email, or verbal “yes”) that they will be funding the proposal. 

Proposal Funded: Please select this option once a gift has been finalized and booked.