1. All entries from previous quarters should be up-to-date. No unresolved proposals (in draft, submitted, accepted, hold) should be listed under past close dates.
  2. All solicitations DOs plan to make through the end of the campaign should be entered.
  3. An entry should be in place for anyone in a DO's prospect pool that is rated at $1 million and above.
  4. After DOs conduct discovery meetings or have had substantial contact with new prospects, they should input an early framework entry. Anyone they have not met or engaged with in a substantial way (who is rated at less than $1 million) does not need to be in the system.
  5. When a PMM proposal is funded, the four or five-digit proposal number should be input into the corresponding Gift Transmittal form. The proposal number is generated by BSR/Advance and added to your PMM proposal entry by the Leadership Gifts office when your proposal is transferred to the database. After your proposal has been added to the database you can locate the proposal number in your PMM proposal entry on the second line from the top.


  • The Update Box at the bottom of the web form shoots information directly to BioUpdates. It should not be used like (or especially in lieu of) a contact report.
  • There is an important difference between 'proposal accepted' and 'proposal funded.' If it is not booked and finalized in BSR, it is not funded.
  • Take care of your prospect assignment before you enter a proposal into PMM. We cannot transfer information into the database if a prospect is not assigned to someone.
  • Gina Callahan (X55198) can disable proposals if your plans have changed and you'd like to remove some from your account. She can also move proposals between DOs. Save yourself data entry when you can!