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Morris Frankel Memorial Fund

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Established in March 1988 by Mrs. Alice Frankel. The income shall be used to support a graduate fellowship for a student pursuing a career working with people with learning disabilities. Selection will be made by the Dean of the College of Education.

Donor Statement

Mrs. Alice Frankel created a graduate fellowship in the College of Education in memory of her late husband, Morris Frankel. The fellowship supports a graduate student pursuing a career in the development of mentally handicapped adults, a field in which Mr. Frankel had a deep interest. In 1969, Mr. and Mrs. Frankel together founded the Walden Resource, an organization whose innovative program was designed to help mentally-challenged young adults hold jobs in the community. "This fund will provide a channel for the provision of services for the mentally-handicapped young adult, to help him achieve as much independence and freedom as he can handle," said Mrs. Frankel.

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