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Ryan and Amanda Dearborn Scholarship

Scholarship History

Ryan Dearborn 90 established the Ryan and Amanda Dearborn Scholarship in December 2007 to support students who have been raised in a single parent household, have shown entrepreneurship and have financial need. Chairman of Wood Partners, Ryan Dearborn has also served on the University of Maryland College Park Foundation Board of Trustees.

Donor Statement

Ryan Dearborn graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park in 1990. While studying at the University, he financed his own education by buying and renting local real estate in the College Park area. His love of real estate continued after he graduated and later obtained related degrees from Johns Hopkins University and the University of North Carolina. He eventually settled in Texas, where he is currently a Director at Wood Partners, a national multi-family development company he helped found in 1998. Mr. Dearborn established an endowed fund to support students at his alma mater.

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