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Meghan Elizabeth Price Scholarship

Scholarship History

Friends and family established the Meghan Elizabeth Price Scholarship in April 1999 to award an outstanding undergraduate leader. This fund honors Meghan Elizabeth Price's memory and creates a permanent tribute to her life, leadership and accomplishments.

Donor Statement

"I will keep my word, work hard for every student, and represent them to the best of my ability."-- Meghan Elizabeth Price, 1978-1998.

This scholarship was created to honor the memory of Meghan Price by enabling students to carry on her legacy of leadership, dedication and involvement.

Behind her long list of accomplishments was a person who shied away from accolades and always remembered to give thanks. Everything that Meghan undertook, she did with heart and soul. Her dreams, aspirations, and way of being gave us all hope that her generation would deliver a new kind of leadership.

"I don't know where it came from, but Meghan just gave and gave and gave."-- Erica Schauber, friend.

Meghan Price was a senior at the University of Maryland majoring in Government and Politics with a concentration in Leadership Studies. A graduate of the College Park Scholars Public Leadership Program with honors, Meghan received the Program Excellence Award for her academic and leadership accomplishments. As a Government and Politics major, Ms. Price was admitted to the departmental honors program and was the recipient of the prestigious Bryan M. Gardner Public Policy Award.

"One word to describe Meghan is vision. She was somehow able to transform her love for people, her love for this University, and her love for life into a vision."-- Merilee Hammill, friend and Vice President of Student Government Association.

On campus, Meghan Price was president of the Student Government Association (SGA), one of the largest student governments in the nation. As a leader in SGA, she served as the voice for 24,000 undergraduate students and advocated for positive change. She worked steadfastly to keep tuition fees from escalating, lobbied the state of Maryland for increased funding for the University, and was held accountable for the allocation of $1.2 M to over 175 campus student groups.

"Meghan was a very focused, hard driving, goal-oriented person who came forward with problems and proposed solutions for them, solutions that we are working to implement."-- C. Daniel Mote, Jr., President, University of Maryland.

"She did things in 20 years that some people don't even do in sixty." -- John Price, Meghan's father.

Meghan's giving nature began before her arrival to campus. In her hometown of Swanton, Maryland, Meghan was a student leader in her high school and a giving member of her community, a drum major, president of her high school student government, a member of the National Honor Society, and a member of St. Paul's Methodist Church. An instructor of the Blind Skiers Program at Wisp Mountain, Meghan was devoted to helping all members of her community. Meghan Price left us with amazing gifts - a legacy of leadership that will live on for years to come and goodwill that remains forever in our hearts.

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