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Ned Gaylin Endowed Scholarship

Scholarship History

The Department of Family Studies established the Ned Gaylin Endowed Scholarship in June 2005 to support a student in the marriage and family therapy masterís program in the Department of Family Studies.

Donor Statement

Dr. Ned Gaylin taught, mentored, and inspired a generation of college students. During his tenure at the University of Maryland, he served as the second Chair of the Department of Family Studies, developed the department's top-ranked Master of Science program in Marriage and Family Therapy and served as its director since 1978. A Fellow of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Dr. Gaylin made pioneering contributions to the principles and pragmatics of the person-centered approach for healing individuals, couples, and families. He is internationally recognized for his research on family therapy process and outcome, and the enhancement of creativity. Dr. Gaylin is an exemplary educator and was named the Outstanding Teacher in the College of Health and Human Performance in 1999. The Department of Family Studies establsihed the Ned Gaylin Endowed Scholarship Fund in order to continue Dr. Gaylin's commitment to improving the welfare of students in the Department of Family Studies.
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