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Coach Bud Millikan Endowed Scholarship for Men's Basketball

Scholarship History

Friends and former players established the Coach Bud Millikan Endowed Scholarship for Men's Basketball in February 2008 to support members of the men's basketball team. Coach Millikan was a Terp basketball coach who was loved by all, described by many as putting life back into the basketball program.

Donor Statement

Bud Millikan was the head coach of the University of Maryland men's basketball team from 1955 to 1967. He led the Terps to winning seasons for eight years and finished with a career record of 243 wins and 183 losses. During his tenure, he coached many great players, including Gary Williams, Maryland's current head coach. Coach Millikan had a strict dress code for his players. It was mandatory for players to wear the team blazer when traveling, and their shoes had to be shined. When in warm-ups, players had to wear towels around their necks in an ascot-like manner. Dress code and game statistics aside, Coach Millikan's proudest achievement is the fact that every senior who played for him graduated. An education "was the reason a young man came to college, and it was my job to help them do well," he said. "That had to be their No. 1 priority. Basketball was No. 2. And their third priority was to check in with the parents once in a while." In order to honor Coach Millikan's dedication to Maryland basketball and the academic success of his players, John I. Heise, Jr. '47 and other friends and former players of Coach Millikan established an endowed fund to support scholarships for student athletes at the University.
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