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Jerry P. Wrenn Undergraduate Scholarship

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Jerry Wrenn arrived at the university in 1966 as a doctoral student, and has been a dedicated member of the university community for 37 years, achieving the position of dean for the College of Health and Human Performance from 1999 to 2002. He served as assistant professor, director of undergraduate programs and associate dean for academic affairs. As dean, he raised visibility of the college's mission: to deal with societal issues such as disease prevention through physical activity, mental and physical health, strengthening families, minimizing aging problems and enhancing overall quality of life. Wrenn established the Student Service Center and served as graduate committee chair, advisor and recruiter of student athletes. His service has been recognized by the college, the university's Outstanding Advisor Citation and Outstanding Academic Advisor awards and numerous other awards from professional associations. From student to dean, Wrenn has helped others "add life to years, rather than years to life."
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