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Jody Gessow

In regards to Mandiant reference, Jody, as a representative of One Equity Partners/JP Morgan, one of Mandiant’s two major investors, joined its board in 2011. Another representative, from another venture capital firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, also joined the Mandiant board. • In 2014, FireEye bought Mandiant for $1.05 billion. • $1.06.5 million from FireEye was to go to the founder of Mandiant, Kevin Mandia, Jody’s firm, and the other venture capital firm. How this buyout was split up could not be determined • Kevin Mandia is on the FireEye board but there is no evidence that Jody ever joined FireEye in any capacity. • Since Jody joined his current firm in 2012 – exactly two full years before Mandiant was bought by FireEye - it’s simply impossible to say if Jody realized some cash from OEP since he was gone. • Current corporate bio - Board Member, Coupons.com; per 2015 WSJ.com article, the company’s name has been changed to Quotient. • According to the most recent proxy Jody owns 247,405 shares of the company. The 52-week trading range for Quotient is $5.00 - $13.65. • No specific information on Jody for K.K. da Vinci Japan but the company appears to still be in business. • Jody & Rhonda’s residence in Woodside is assessed at $2,548,260, there appears to be a lot they own assessed at $6,384,987, a property in Pescadero in Rhonda’s name assessed at $926,109 and a resort condo in Orlando assessed at $1,511,888. • No record in the Foundation Directory of Jody either being a donor, officer or trustee of any foundation so it appears Jody & Rhonda do not have one. • Philanthropy: $1K-5K range going to the International Medical Corps and a group called Seacology. • Political giving pretty much evenly divided between Democratic and GOP candidates. • Estimate net worth at least $50-$75 million (does not take into account liabilities and assets privately held and that he may not be financially liquid)

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