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The Committee on Trustees shall have the responsibility to manage the nomination, selection and orientation of new members to the board of trustees. In addition, committee members will assist and advise the vice president for university relations in assessing the board organization, operation, membership and attendance to ensure maximum effectiveness of the board.

Members of the committee on trustees will be responsible for maintaining a list of potential trustee candidates who will best be able to serve the Foundation and the University at the trustee level. The committee on trustees will also be responsible for recommending terms of office for all members, reviewing membership criteria for all levels of involvement with the board of trustees to ensure that all members of the board of trustees meet the membership criteria.

Nominations for the board of trustees will be submitted to the executive committee for approval at least 30 days prior the annual June board of trustees meeting. Final approval of the slate of nominations will occur at the full board meeting each June. Solicitation of nominations will take place in the fall of each year. Nominations will be reviewed, nominees contacted for interest in the board, and approved no later than April 1.

Committee Staff:

To Be Announced