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Russell S. Barch Memorial Endowment

Scholarship History

Joan and Yehuda Barch, along with family and friends of Russell S. Barch '91, established the Russell Barch Memorial Endowment to support an undergraduate student in chemical engineering with a concentration in process control.

Donor Statement

Russell Scott Barch lived just over one hundred seasons. Born in Chicago in 1969, he moved to Maryland with his parents in 1974. He died in October, 1996. During those one hundred seasons Russell accomplished much. He was bright, sensitive, compassionate and caring and had a great sense of humor.

Exceptional in mathematics and chemistry, Russell was cited as an outstanding student in the Johns Hopkins Program for Precocious Youth while in elementary school, and he obtained an almost perfect score on the math portion of the SAT examination in high school. Winning a math scholarship to the University of Maryland, he majored in chemical engineering and graduated in 1991 with a 3.6 grade average. Prior to his demise, he was a chemical engineer in the paper industry and was attending graduate school at Maryland.

Besides his academic achievements, Russell was interested in and excelled in many activities. He was a jogger and an avid golfer, having won several amateur tournaments. He also read numerous philosophical, religious, scientific, political and humorous works and wrote several concise yet cogent essays reflecting his interests. Russell's profound concern for his fellow man encompassed the well being of family, friends and the down-trodden. Detesting injustices, he always defended the underdog and spent much of his spare time working at a grassroots crisis center and doing volunteer tutoring.

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