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Robert L. Anderson Memorial Scholarship in Construction Engineering and Management

Scholarship History

The family of Robert L. Anderson established the Robert L. Anderson Memorial Scholarship in 1998 to support an undergraduate in construction engineering and management in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the A. James Clark School of Engineering.

Donor Statement

To honor the memory of Robert "Bud" L. Anderson, the Anderson family endowed a scholarship in his name. Although Mr. Anderson was a mason by trade who was not fortunate enough to attend college, he knew the importance of a quality education. Unable to finish high school due to the depression, Mr. Anderson joined the Civilian Conservation Corps at age 16 with thousands of other young men. Paid $1 per day, all the money went back to help his struggling family make ends meet. He always talked of the harsh life he wished to spare others, and felt that the only way to accomplish this was through an education. Joining the Navy during WWII, he got his first introduction to the University of Maryland when the Navy sent him there to learn diesel mechanics. He spent the war years driving landing craft during the island campaign against Japan. It was always important to him that others be afforded the education that he was never able to complete. Mr. Anderson would be proud to know that his scholarship is helping students pursue their dreams.

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