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Nancy Nystrom Falls Memorial Scholarship

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In memory of his wife, William F. Falls, Jr. 55 established the Nancy Nystrom Falls Memorial Scholarship in December 2003 to support a student in education or who has expressed interest in working with youth.

Donor Statement

From May queen to head majorette, Nancy Nystrom fulfilled many of her childhood dreams at the University of Maryland. She grew up in University Park, Maryland, the daughter of Dr. Paul Nystrom, a University of Maryland Agriculture Professor, and Hilda Jones Nystrom, one of the first women to graduate from the University of Maryland. Nancy embraced the academic, extracurricular, and community opportunities offered at the University of Maryland and strived to excel in all areas. She graduated in 1959, majoring in Science Education, was elected president of her sorority, served on the Mortar Board, and as head majorette, led the University of Maryland marching band.

Shortly after graduating, Nancy married William F. Falls, a '55 graduate of the University of Maryland and a '59 graduate of the University of Maryland Medical School. They settled in Richmond, Virginia and raised five children who passed through adolescence into responsible adulthood with only minor scrapes. For most women of her generation, this accomplishment alone would have satisfied the requirements of a highly successful life, but Nancy always went above and beyond to help others.

She positively influenced the lives of many middle school students with a career as a compassionate, dedicated, seventh grade science teacher. She strongly believed that students need real life experiences to enhance learning. Her lab experiments were innovative, hands-on experiences that included real life specimens. From dissecting frogs to maintaining an incubator full of chicken eggs, Nancy strived to bring the real world into the seventh grade classroom. Her hard work, enthusiasm and vibrant personality helped her win the respect of her colleagues and her students. In 1981, she was elected Teacher of the Year, an accomplishment that she always cherished.

Unfortunately in 1988 Nancy was diagnosed with the early onset of Alzheimer's Disease, which necessitated her retirement from teaching. Although her disease devastated her family, as a mother, she had already sewn the seeds of love and hope for them all to endure her illness and grow stronger as a family. Nancy died on Mother's Day, May 11, 2003. Her effervescent personality will never be forgotten by all who had the good fortune to know and love her in her living years.

The family has established the scholarship in her memory to provide educational assistance for a student who either shares or will come to share the same enthusiasm for life and values of integrity, compassion, desire for service to others, and love of family that Nancy displayed. It is hoped that the recipient will use the educational experience to the greatest advantage and thereby perpetuate Nancy's legacy.

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