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Russell Gordon Croft Hereford High School Scholarship

Scholarship History

The Russell Gordon Croft Hereford High School Scholarship was established in December 2001 by Gordon Croft. Spendable Income from the Russell Gordon Croft Hereford High School Scholarship provides tuition scholarships for incoming freshmen at the University who are graduates of Hereford High School in Baltimore County, Maryland.

Donor Statement

Gordon Croft is Vice President and Director of Croft-Leominster, Inc., a Baltimore-based investment advisory firm with a nationwide clientele. Mr. Croft co-founded the firm with his son Kent Croft in 1989. Croft-Leominster manages portfolios for high net worth individuals, foundations, endowments, pension and profit sharing plans, 401 Ks, as well as two mutual funds: the Croft Leominster Value Fund and the Croft Leominster Income Fund. The Gordon Croft Foundation provides philanthropic support throughout the State of Maryland for a variety of educational, community, and social service organizations.

Mr. Croft has a B.E.S. degree in Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University, an M.E.A. in Engineering from George Washington University, and performed one year of additional coursework in finance at the Ph.D. level at Indiana University. Additionally, he was a National Institute of Public Affairs Fellow sponsored by the Ford Foundation. From 1967 through 1989 he held various positions, lastly as a director, with T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.

Mr. Croft is a native of Southern Maryland and has established five scholarships at the University of Maryland in honor of his late father, Russell Gordon Croft. A strong advocate for education, Mr. Croft has established scholarships at five other universities for the benefit of Maryland students. His scholarships provide much needed support for all students, but particularly students from the state's rural populations. Mr. Croft believes that there are many bright, capable, and hard-working high school students in Maryland who believe that higher education is out of reach due to their limited means. Mr. Croft's goal, through the establishment of these scholarships, is to encourage these students to pursue a college education where they otherwise might not.

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