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Francis X. Long and Cyril P. O'Hora Endowed Scholarship

Scholarship History

Dr. Martin J. Gannon established the Francis X. Long and Cyril P. O'Hora Endowed Scholarship in April 2016 to provide merit-based scholarships for undergraduate students.

Donor Statement

The Gannon Family has a long and happy association with the University of Maryland, College Park dating back to 1967, when Dr. Martin J. "Marty" Gannon joined the business faculty. He served as a professor for 35 years in College Park - retiring in 2003. Dr. Gannon's wife, Doris, received her M.Ed. from Maryland's College of Education and taught for 28 years in the Montgomety County Public Schools system. Their daughter, Marlies, received her B.A. in Communications from Matyland in 1990. Marty is the lead donor on this scholarship that gives priority to incoming freshman students who are graduates of Scranton Preparatoty School in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Marty attended Scranton Preparatoty from 1953 to 1957, a school that has grown from a population of about 200 at that time to approximately 1,000 students. Scranton Preparatory is a Jesuit prep school with all of the earmarks of a traditional Jesuit education: High academic standards, service to others, and continual development of skills, abilities, and knowledge. Marty benefited enormously from being a student at this Prep School and he is naming this scholarship after two of the greatest lay teachers he ever had or knew about. Mr. Cyril P. O'Hara taught all of the courses in mathematics (algebra, geometry, and trigonometry) and Mr. Francis X. Long performed a similar role but in a wider variety of classes Marty was privileged to attend: Latin, Greek, History, German, and English Writing and Literature. These two instructors, and other teachers and staff members at the Prep School, provided all of their students with a solid foundation for advanced schooling, careers, and life in general. As a long-time professor of 48 years who is now a Professor Emeritus at both the University of Maryland, College Park and at Cal State San Marcos, Marty marvels at the drive, care and diligence of these fine men, who worked very hard for all of the students. This scholarship is a small and belated repayment for a wonderful experience and education.

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