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Physics Undergraduate Student Support Endowment

Scholarship History

Lawrence A. Schmid, Ph.D. established the Physics Undergraduate Student Support Endowment in December 2015 to support undergraduate scholarships for students in the Department of Physics in the College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences.

Donor Statement

My aim in making this gift to the Deparunent of Physics is to extend the practice of granting assistantships at the graduate level to the undergraduate level. I am thinking of teaching assistants (who would be juniors and seniors) acting as tutors of freshmen and sophomores. These tutors would collaborate with the faculty members in charge of the recitation sections, who would determine which students could benefit most from tutoring. The tutor would meet with his or her assigned students outside of the recitation class, helping them to work problems and to develop the methodology of organizing solutions. The tutor would not be responsible for grading these students, which would be done by the faculty member supervising the tutor, in order to allow a stress-free relationship to develop between tutor and student. It is my hope that, in addition to helping the tutors financially) this program will encourage some of them to seriously consider making teaching a career,

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