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Ugiansky Family Foundation Flexus Endowed Scholarship

Scholarship History

Carolyn Fridley ’68 and Dale Fridley, through the Ugiansky Family Fund, established the Ugiansky Family Fund K-12 Engineering Education Edowed Fund in 2012 to help create new programs and expand existing ones in the A. James Clark School of Engineering. The fund was amended in 2015 to be named the Ugiansky Family Foundation Flexus Endowed Scholarship and provides scholarships for students participating in the Flexus program.

Donor Statement

Carolyn ’68 and Dale Fridley believe that it is important for the United States to maintain its position on the international stage as a leader in technology and they are concerned about falling numbers of enrollments in the engineering disciplines. Even as fewer students are currently enrolling in engineering, the need for more engineers in the United States rises in an increasingly complex world. Recognizing this problem of declining numbers of engineers, the Fridleys wish to support programs that inspire and encourage young students enrolled in grades K-12 with the hope that such support will translate into an increase in engineering enrollments as these students matriculate to college.

Carolyn is a first generation college graduate whose first generation American parents did not graduate from high school. However, they believed in education for their children. Carolyn hopes to reach students with similar backgrounds who might need the kind of inspiration she was fortunate to receive from her parents and from high school teachers and counselors. Thus, the Fridley’s seek initiatives that provide hands-on engineering activities and projects that stimulate young peoples’ interests in technology and challenge their minds. The goal is for more students from all walks of life to pursue engineering as a career and that by reaching down into the early years, young people will choose engineering as a life-long career. In order to facilitate this, Carolyn Fridley established, an endowed fund to support the A. James Clark School of Engineering.

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