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James C. and Jeanne B. Glascock Endowed Scholarship

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James C. Glascock 75 and Jeanne B. Glascock established the James C. and Jeanne B. Glascock Endowed Scholarship in September 2011 to support undergraduate students in the A. James Clark School of Engineering.

Donor Statement

James Glascock 75 graduated from the College of Engineering, now the A. James Clark School of Engineering, with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. A first generation college graduate, Mr. Glascock highly values the engineering education and co-op experience he received at the University of Maryland. He began his undergraduate education at the University as a freshman and then spent two years at Montgomery College (MC) where he had the opportunity to play baseball. When he returned to the University for his final years of education, he pursued a co-op experience that shaped his future. As a participant in the College of Engineering Co-op Program he was able to earn the funds for his expenses and, at the same time, gain professional skills that prepared him for a successful career as a partner in the engineering firm Macris, Hendricks, & Glascock, P.A.

Mr. Glascock feels grateful for the benefit that the Engineering Co-op Program provided him. The experience was an important aid in directing his course of study and in providing him with the skills necessary to pursue a successful career. Mr. Glascock and his wife, Jeanne, wish to provide an opportunity for future generations of students to have a similarly rich experience and they hope to positively impact the lives of students who might otherwise struggle financially. In order to express their appreciation and assist students, they established an endowed fund to support undergraduate engineering students at the University.

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