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Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation Endowed Scholarship

Scholarship History

The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation established the Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation Endowed Scholarship in October 2008 to support returning students.

Donor Statement

The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation is an independent foundation that began in 1979 as the result of a bequest from the estate of Mrs. Charlotte Wilson Newcombe, a Philadelphia philanthropist. The Foundation continues Mrs. Newcombe's support of students as they pursue degrees in higher education by funding scholarship and fellowship programs that are in keeping with her lifelong interests.

The Newcombe Foundation provides scholarships in partnership with selected colleges and universities that welcome enrollment by mature adults and are committed to their success. The Foundation also helps its institutional partners build endowments that strengthen their long-term capacity to sustain a Newcombe Scholarships program.

In the spirit of Mrs. Newcombe's generosity, The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation established, through the University of Maryland College Park Foundation, Inc., an endowed fund to support mature adult students seeking to complete bachelor's degrees at the University.

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