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Established in June 1992 by Dr. Gus T. Zorn in memory of his wife, Bice Sechi Zorn. This fund was merged with and supercedes the Bice Sechi Zorn Memorial Fund established in 1985. Income shall be used to support scholarships to outstanding science students at the University with an interest in the field of physics.

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Bice Sechi Zorn (1928-1984) was a faculty member in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Maryland.

Professor Sechi Zorn was educated in Sardinia, Italy, receiving her Doctor of Physics degree from the University of Cagliari. She then worked at the University of Padua where she met her husband. She went on to Brookhaven National Laboratory before coming to the University of Maryland in 1962, where she became a full professor in 1976.

Professor Sechi Zorn was a dedicated research physicist in elementary particle physics, particularly in those techniques that use visual methods to extract data. First with nuclear emulsions, where she was a member of the G stack collaboration, and later with bubble chamber pictures, she made many contributions to our present understanding of the properties and interactions of strange particles. Her work on the decays of hyperons into leptons helped to trigger and confirm N. Cabibbo's theory of weak interactions which has since been incorporated into the so-called Standard Model of Electro-Weak Interactions.

Through her years at Maryland she was also dedicated to teaching undergraduates, graduate students, and staff members. Her interest and concern for her students and colleagues extended far beyond the classroom or the laboratory. She displayed incredible toughness, courage, and a burning devotion to learning. In addition to physics, she had an abiding interest in modern dance and in the visual arts. She was the founder of the Vita Nuovo Art Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia.

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