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Eileen Barnett Endowed Scholarship

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Eileen and Douglas Barnett established the Eileen Barnett Endowed Scholarship in August 2008 to support undergraduate students in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Donor Statement

"Agriculture and all it encompasses is a vital part of our lives. It is as essential to our future as it was to our past. We need young people who have an interest and desire to learn more about agriculture and the natural resources to be able to pursue the knowledge and experience that will enhance our future. Having grown up in a rural area in Eastern Kentucky, I realize the financial challenges farm kids face when they pursue higher education. It was my father's dream that all of his children would find a way to go to college or continue their education in some way after high school (all six did!). It is because of my dad and my desire to assist others with their dreams that I wanted to establish this scholarship in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources." - Eileen Barnett Eileen Barnett grew up in a rural area of Eastern Kentucky with her parents and five siblings. She lived on a farm where they grew tobacco, corn, and hay and raised vegetables. They always had cows, chickens, a horse or mule, and pigs, as well as several dogs and cats. Although her dad was a farmer, he was also a school teacher for more than 30 years. Agriculture holds a special place in her heart. She and her husband, Doug, moved to Maryland in 1976 when he was hired by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, APHIS. In 1976, she was hired by the now defunct Department of Agronomy at the University of Maryland and she worked there for several years and then joined the Department of Zoology (now Biology). At that time the Colleges of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Chemical and Life Sciences were under the same dean. She left Zoology to work in the Graduate School for about nine months (fall of 1985 until summer of 1986) and then returned to Zoology where she worked until 1991, when she was hired to work in the college office by Dean Paul Mazzocchi. When the two colleges separated in 1993, she went with the Dean's Office of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. So other than the brief time in the Graduate School, she was always associated with agriculture in some way. During her tenure in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, she worked to promote the college's mission to become a premier institution and strived to make the College a welcoming, productive environment in which to work and learn. As the college experienced change and growth, she was there to provide insight and guidance to its leadership. She retired from the University in 2006. In keeping with her love for agriculture and the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Eileen and Douglas Barnett established an endowed fund to support student scholarships at the University.

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