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Dr. Anna Bartsch-Dunne Language House Scholarship

Scholarship History

The Dr. Anna Bartsch-Dunne Language House Scholarship was established in May 2008. Spendable Income from the Dr. Anna Bartsch-Dunne Language House Scholarship provides annual need-based scholarships for students from the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. area who have been accepted into the Language House in the College of Arts and Humanities.

Donor Statement

Dr. Anna Bartsch-Dunne was a prominent Washington, D.C. physician, college professor, philanthropist and advocate for the disadvantaged. An immigrant to the United States from Germany, Dr. Bartsch-Dunne excelled in scholarship and medicine. She earned her M.D. from Howard University in 1902 and made a name for herself as a physician in private practice and as a professor at Howard. She was a strong advocate of higher education, particularly for deserving students who sought a college education in the face of financial need or other hardships. Her philanthropic work included her support of medical scholarships for women at George Washington University and Howard University at a time when few medical schools welcomed women into their ranks. In addition, she created a scholarship fund in partnership with the German Orphan Home of the District of Columbia, which was established in 1879 to build better lives for the children of the Washington Metropolitan Area. Dr. Bartsch-Dunne's scholarship fund is intended to support "particularly worthy applicants who are experiencing or have experienced privations similar to those experienced by the ordinary ward of the German Orphan Home".

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